Random Research: Christmas Fun

Only 4 days left until Christmas morning!

penis snowball cannon

How about some fun activities? Let’s do some decorating and baking.  Decorate your own Gingerbread Man here, mine sucked ass btw. Or decorate a Tree with Santa. For a few cat vaccuming activities try Penguin Bowling or Penguinoids. If that’s not your speed, you can do Christmas Mahjong.

For your party, here’s a list of Christmas Cocktail recipes including the Black Santa and Candy Cane Tini or here’s a nice Mocktail for those who don’t imbibe.  Add some finger food to start and Christmas Tamales and although they include a recipe, I strongly suggest ordering from your local Abula selling them out of the trunk of her car or shopping cart — seriously.  Forget the formal dinner, finger food works best. Some sliced ham and such, your good. I prefer buying a box of assorted pastries from the local Mexican bakery to round things out.

Of course the best of all is NORAD Tracks Santa. You can now track him through Google maps on your smart phone!

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