Resturant Tour: A Float Sushi

This is a Pasadena staple. It’s been around for years.

The sushi is not perfection, but it is damn good for the price and the fact that it is made in batches and sent floating around on boats. They do have someone culling it once it’s been around a few too many times.  There’s a bit of Sashimi coming around, most of the fair is hardier fish or mixes (like spicy tuna rolls, or spicy crab roll in a jalapeno and then tempura fried, spider rolls, etc.). You’re not going to get the best Spanish Mackerel or elitist belly tuna…but it’ll be good for a sushi craving when you want to try your luck at what’s on the plate (sometimes it’s a guess …although if you ask they’ll tell you), you can order specific sushi, but what’s the fun in that. This place is far more about the lighter ambiance than the food.

Take a few friends, have a couple large Japanese beers and share plates. Our discovery…the 12year old (who asked for this place as a B-day dinner [as opposed to a more upscale sushi bar here in Pas we often dine at]) likes uni. Who knew that fish eggs ruled for that age group.

But it’s a decent sushi place with good food and a fun atmosphere…A Float is good for a meal.

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