California working on nation’s first law to protect transgender pupils

Although CA (and many other states) have general non-discrimination statutes that can be applied in the context of transgender students, they don’t specifically protect them.Which means that the ability to participate in sports or use appropriate facilities is often dealt with in an inconsistent, school-by-school, case-by-case manner. What may be allowed for a student this year in school A, may not be allowed five years later for another student in the same school.

Ashton Lee, a 16-year-old transgender boy from of Manteca, California, testified before the Senate Education Committee last month. Lee wants to play high school football.”I just want to be treated the same as all the other boys, but my school forces me to take P.E. in a class of all girls and live as someone I’m not,” Lee said in a statement. “I can’t learn and succeed when every day in that class leaves me feeling isolated and alone.”

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