About James

James Buchanan, lawyer by day and the author of the beloved Taking the Odds Series, the Deputy Joe Novels as well as many stand alone books, lives in a 100 year old Craftsman Home in Pasadena. Between trying cases, raising kids and writing books, James has spoken and read at conferences such as Saints & Sinners, the Popular Culture Association and the CARAS Alternate Sexualities Conference. James’ Hard Fall (Honorable Mention 2010) and All or Nothing (Finalist 2011) were both honored by the National Leather Association-International’s Pauline Réage Novel Awards, recognizing positive portrayals of the Leather Lifestyle in fiction.

In the midst of midlife crisis, James bought and learned to ride a Harley – it went with the big, extended-cab pickup in the driveway. A member of CorpGoth since 1993, James has been known to wear leather frock coats to court. If you don’t find James at the computer working on the next book, you probably won’t find the bike in the garage.fadedbike