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Just an FYI folks, I’m updating the look of my site. For a while you’re going to land on the blog and it’ll be pretty plain. This should, hopefully take care of some malicious code AGV sees as buried in my site. So don’t panic.

Mormon church threatens Mormon Stories Blogger with Excommunication

From the New York times, John Dehlin, founder of Mormon Stor ies which is a forum for Mormons to discuss and share their issues with the church, has been threatend with excomunication unless he removes posts critical of the church regarding the ordination of women, gay marriage and other issues.

Read the full story:

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Chili-Chicken Pizza/Deputy Joe 4 edits

I don’t usually post a lot of foodie stuff here, but I was pretty impressed with this.

Roasted tomatillo sauce, chicken marinated in Sabor seasoning, and roasted Anaheim chilies with a mexican blend of cheese. Made it for poker night and I’m having the leftovers for breakfast.


This, and a boat load of coffee, should get me through round one of self edits on Requim in Leather: Deputy Joe book 4. Then I’ll send it off to my trusty beta reader for input.

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Travelog: BoucherCon and Long Beach

So, day two of the prime mystery con of the US. Day one was a little low key, figuring out the lay of the land.

I did catch two panels: one on locked room mysteries and another panel with Harley Walsh (known in mystery circles as Jeri Westerson) on dysfunctional heros…had the audience laughing so hard we were in tears. After that I decompressed in the bar with good conversation with new aquantinces and waited for traffic to die down.

This morning started off bright and early at 8:30 am with an interactive lecture by the FBI on crime scene processing.


Followed by a panel of forensic experts who are also writers about “It’s not CSI”…moderated by an author freind Rachel Howell Hall.

At that point I mosied across the street to an Irish pub, which was way busy. There were two of us waiting -stag- so I asked if the other gentleman wanted to share a table. Spent a wonderful lunch listening to David Stout relate the most wonderful stories of his 45 years in journalism…including covering Watergate and the Lewinsky scandle. He now writes true crime and fictional mysteries based on things he’s encountered on the job.

I made it back in time to catch most of Marshall Thornton’s panel on the role of Bars/Booze in noir mysteries.  Again, lively and fun with laughter sprinkled in the info.

I took a break to Facebook and Tweet the release of Impulsion.

The last panel of the day was just mind candy with the cat and writers of Major Crimes.



After, Marshal, Haley/Jeri, EM Lynly and I headed into Boy’s Town for a wonderful dinner at the Paradise Bar & Grill. The waiter was almost as delectable as the food. But it was a nice end to the day to have good conversation with good food.

I dive back into the fray tomorrow.  

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Bent Con 2014

So massively tired.  Did a panel yesterday on Kink…you know, after helping set up the booth and running around. Did not get home until 11ish.

Today was my marathon day. I’ve done three panels…World Building,  Mystery,  and Mastrabation (yeah, it’s me…), a reading, a signing and generally being ON as an author.

But some cool pics…


This year with Wendy Peni


And the walking dead guys who were not so dead last year


But are rotting a bit more this year…


And the random cosplay



So good to have gamer geek and gay books collide.


Rafe…who is very sweet.

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Bent Con this Weekend!

I’m on panels Friday/Saturday as well as in the dealer room. I’ll be reading on Saturday at 5:45

Countdown to Bent-Con! Burbank Marriott Nov. 7th-9th

Countdown to Bent Con!

It won’t be long now! It’s almost time to head out to Bent Con in Los Angeles, and the Inkslingers are getting ready to bring you their best dirty, sexy, queer books. We’ll have a large booth in the exhibition hall, and most of our authors will also be doing readings, signings and panels. At our booth, we have some fantastic show only discounts that you won’t want to miss. There are QR code coupons that can save you between 25%-50% on certain ebook purchases. There are also some special deals on print copies, and the authors will be available at varying times to sign one for you. Plus – we have goodies! Yup, lots of fun, free SWAG and your chance to win prizes from our prize wheel. Stop on by!

Here’s the list of Inkslinger attending authors:

 Marlyn Balala

James Buchanan

Poppy Dennison

Kim Fielding

Rhys Ford

LE Franks

Ginn Hale

Lou Harper

Jordan L. Hawk

Rafe Haze

Venona Keyes

Morticia Knight

ZA Maxfield

Belinda McBride

Jet Mykles

Lou Sylvre

Marshall Thornton

Piper Vaughn

 Here’s the schedule of where you can find the Inkslingers at any given time:

And here’s the home page to the overall event:

Travelog: Dias De Los Murtos on Olivera Street

Took the Metro downtown. To catch Los Murtos,  day two of the 3 days. Los Infantes. Los Muertos y Los Santos. Had a couple Negra Modelo beers and tacos.  Large crowds that did start to tip my anxiety meter.  We watched dancers. Listened to mariachis.  The crowds were far too dense to get pictures although I did get one of the girl child with one of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence who were occasion appropriate. 


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