LAYING GHOSTS has been Joyfully Reviewed

Laying Ghosts is a many-layered story. There’s a mystery to be solved, as well as a lot of family drama and relationship changes and growth for Joe and Kabe. Joe is a wonderful first-person narrator. He comes across as a bit of a redneck and sometimes a bit too stuck on the rules, but inside he’s much more. He’s a sharp investigator, a loyal lover, son, and brother, and much more emotional than his tough exterior would reveal.

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A New Review for the Good Thief

A nice review over at Mrs. Condit by Lucky that the reviewer gave me a heads up on. Retro Read Review: The Good Thief by James Buchanan

The story itself is pretty tight. Crossing the thin blue line gets Nate in trouble with his fellow officers, Caesar can’t help admit he’s got it bad for the cop, but where could they possibly end up together? When it comes down to it, which would Nate rather be a part of – some bad cops or with The Good Thief?

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Dueling Reviews for Laying Ghosts at Reviews by Jessewave

Two reviews at Jessewaves’ for Laying Ghosts…both 4.75

First from Wave:

Laying Ghosts revealed a lot about Kabe’s character and I really got to know him through the evolution of his relationship with Joe. Seeing him blossom into the man he was meant to be was wonderful as well as surprising as he showed the greatest character growth. His interactions with Joe’s family, especially his mother, were delightful as he held his own and gave back as good as he got. His new temporary job fighting fires allowed him one more outlet for his penchant for danger, excitement and thrills and he seemed to glow from within as his life came almost full circle to that of a man fulfilled

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and then from Feliz

To sum it up, I can only warmly recommend this newest addition to the Deputy Joe series, as well as the series as a whole. A winsome narrator, a wonderful romance (not to forget the seriously hot explicit scenes!), a vivid and scenic setting, realistic conflict, well-wrought secondary characters, and on top of all this, a suspenseful mystery in every book make this series a must-read.

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Leather-Scented Lubricating Cream

Okay, so SG and I were out tonight to have a nice dinner of Spanish Tapas and some drinks and then we wandered over to the local Romantix (yes– fetish light, but its also right there). We did buy one of these babies:

ID Him Lubricating Cream Leather-Scented >> Oil-Based Lube

And I’d put the link to Romantix, but they don’t have it on their website (or they might, but they don’t have a search box on the site and I’m not willing to look through every single page…), anyway, nice stainless steel anal stimulator. And we got to talking with the gal behind the counter who showed us the neon-wand (next gen violet wand) and played with the attachments.

And then she asked, “Oh do you like leather?”

The raised eyebrows must have clued her in because she went and got a sample of a lubricating cream she’d gotten at the “lube” class (apparently Romantix has classes for their employees to learn the products). She warned us that it’s not for use with silicon or rubber or such. It’s oil based and not all that “whatever” free. Then she opened the canister and held it out. 6″ away you can’t smell it. Up under your nose, like we were…


It smells like leather. It smells like leather a guy has been wearing out at Folsom for an hour. Heated up to body temperature and a little beyond. They didn’t have any at that store for sale, but I’ve come home with my little stainless steel toy and then got on line to buy that shit.  If you love the scent of leather, you will like this:

ID Him Lubricating Cream Leather-Scented >> Oil-Based Lube.

Excuse me now, I have to go upstairs and play….

Light Me Up is out and reviewed

It’s been out for over a week, but man I’ve been so damn busy

Light Me Up CoverLight Me Up
A Deputy Joe Short
Holiday 2011 Release #40
Author    James Buchanan
ISBN#    978-1-60820-514-1 (ebook) $1.99
Release Date    December 2011
Cover Artist    Deana C. Jamroz
Ebook:    26 pages, 7000+ words

Available At:    MlrBooks (ebook) (ebook)

There’s a nice review at Jessewaves. “Light Me Up is told in Kabe’s voice which is quite different from Joe’s and I was pleasantly surprised at his sense of humour and I loved his appreciation for the natural beauty around him .”

The Official Blurb: Two hot guys and one cold mountain. Just how far can mouthy, yet submissive, Kabe push his favorite deputy, Joe, before he gets what he really wants? The Christmas tree may be the goal, but it’s not the prize. Walk in Kabe’s boots for his and Joe’s first Christmas together.


I got up early the Wednesday morning the week after Thanksgiving, since I’d spent the night and Joe hates it when I sleep in– like flips the mattress over on me if he thinks I’m sleeping too much, hates it. So I was standing in front of the big front window, wearing a thermal shirt and flannel lounge pants while drinking my coffee and staring out at the snow that fell during the night. First real storm hit this past weekend, but the tail end of it kept dusting powder. Thick, thick, thick.

I’d never lived anywhere where the snow came to visit me.

Joe’s truck and mine looked like bears huddled under two-inch thick white blankets. The only signs of life were the tracks of a coyote running across the drive. Everything just felt really quiet, like the wind held its breath. That muffled stillness wrapped me up in a sense of the world being kind of okay.

I kinda turned around, looked over my shoulder at Joe. He sat in the kitchen having breakfast, all decked out in his uniform: Garfield County Sheriff…yum. Uniform shirt with the two chevrons on the sleeve–and a few little threads where he’d had to take off that third stripe when he lost his rank because of fucking around with me. But black turtleneck, utility pants, and black boots just looked hot on him. Can you say winter SWAT-team woof?

Uniforms and I, well it’s not usually my fetish because it brings up two years worth of crap I’d just rather forget. Still, Joe in his, I don’t know, it just fits him. Strong, stern, and protective; the kind of guy who looked like he could comfort a little kid while still keeping his knee dug into the back of some deadbeat.

Shivering a little–fuck, even inside it’s cold–I swung my coffee cup across the expanse of the front window. “A tree would look great right here.”

That drawled out cowboy twang rolled like surf over my senses. “What do I need a tree for, Kabe?” Joe mumbled over his oatmeal as he glared at me across the room. “I ain’t got nothing to put under it.”

Holy shit, no fucking presents? I didn’t say that out loud, ’cause then he’d have gotten pissed. “Doesn’t your family exchange gifts?” Getting him pissed would just leave us both frustrated, since he had to call himself on shift in another fifteen minutes and I had to head out to hit the lifts in an hour. If you’re going to provoke your Dom, you have to do it when everyone has time to deal with the scene.

“Naw,” he snorted up a laugh, “most cain’t hardly afford to.” Then Joe shrugged like it didn’t mean anything. “They got kids and grandkids, they rightly spend the money on them.” I got one of his smiles on top of it all…like the perfect wave you weren’t expecting: big, almost embarrassed that you caught him smiling and a wilder ride than fucking hell. So goddamn sexy.

“You don’t do anything with your family?” I probably should have dropped it, but I didn’t.

“Cards.” Joe pushed back from the table and crossed his arms over that broad chest of his. “If my folks were ’round, if I weren’t working, I’d go over there on Christmas Day.”

“Go to church with them, huh?” I kinda winced as I said it, ’cause I realized as the words left my mouth that they’d remind Joe that the Mormons had kicked him to the curb. First thought in my head and all, what could I say? But, Christmas equaled the only time my Grams and I, ever, set foot in a church and most times not even then…so open mouth, insert foot.

Spin Out review at ARe Cafe

I nice review by Val:

[Joe’s] loneliness for the tight-knit, devout culture of his birth gives his stories significant emotional depth. Joe will never be able to leave Utah. Yet he will never be able to be the Mormon that he’s supposed to be. His unique insider-outsider perspective gives the books a wonderfully layered view of small-town law enforcement and the Mormon community – the good and the bad in sympathetic balance.

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