Travelog: Dias De Los Murtos on Olivera Street

Took the Metro downtown. To catch Los Murtos,  day two of the 3 days. Los Infantes. Los Muertos y Los Santos. Had a couple Negra Modelo beers and tacos.  Large crowds that did start to tip my anxiety meter.  We watched dancers. Listened to mariachis.  The crowds were far too dense to get pictures although I did get one of the girl child with one of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence who were occasion appropriate. 


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Travelog: Bryce day two

Today we went into Bryce and hiked around through the snow up to some of the lookouts.




Then it was thanksgiving redux for lunch. A nap and then the guns came out. Shot off the handguns, no biggy, the fun ones were the AR15 and the AK47.

I want the girl child with me when the Zombie Apocalypse hits. First time firing any gun…ever. She’s a natural marksman with the AR. She hit everything she aimed at.

There was elk chili for dinner.

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Vegas Baby!

We’re off to Vegas this weekend.

SG has a Bowling Tournament…yeah, you can take the trash out of the trailer but you can’t take the trailer out of the trash (snort). Hey, it’s the social thing for him. Friday we drive up, probably do sushi Fri. night and call it early. SG bowls at noon on Sat. and we come home on Sun. If I’d had enough notice, I’d have arranged a book signing…oh well.

Sat. night were going to see John Pinette. I’ll post photos when I get back.

2013 Rose Parade

As we do every year we walked over to the Rose Parade route. A couple bacon wrapped LA street dogs and a bit of cotton candy while watching some of the best float and bands. We managed to get a pretty good spot.  A few of my favorite floats and groups:












































































Vegas Signing Recap

James, Marshall at get bookedSo the reading/signing at the Get Booked booth at Vegas Pride turned into more of just a meet and greet. We were too close to the stage to read. Still it was fun. Marshall Thornton is delightful and it was nice to have an afternoon to spend with him…even if it was 104 in the shade in the freaking parking lot where they held Pride. JP Bowie did not attend because of a health issue (not scary, just orthopedically painful). Sold books, talked to fans and just generally had a good time.Marshall Thronton in Vegas tsyle

The hottie in the swim trunks is an amazing stain glass artist, you can’t see any of his works except for one in the very back, but he had lamps, windows and hanging pieces.

James at Vegas Pride

The other lady in the picture with us makes jewelry. For a sample of her work…see below.

Marshall was in true Vegas summer style, with his super cool sunglasses and fedora.

I wore black and sweated my butt off: That’s my Sugar Skull Marilyn Monroe t-shirt. Got to watch the parade of folks in various stages of not quite dressed. I felt so bad for the Drag Queens and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in their make-up, high-heels and bustiers. They looked miserable.

And the only way you’ll ever get me to wear rainbows (excuse the saturation issue, it was the only way to actually POP the skulls), my new Pride torque.

Pride skulls

Otherwise, Vegas was a nice recharge for us. SG won pretty big, so with the trip write off of gas and such, we’ll be in the positive on this one. We got our room comped, had dinner with a Casino Host (absolutely random, he was at the sushi bar with us… the only three people at the sushi bar and I got to pump him for all sorts of insider info of the kind that helps with stories) and bought the spawn prezzies: a W.S.O.P. chips and card set for one and a sterling lizard pendant with a “silver” natural color pearl for the other -d’ay ain’t cheap shit. If he hadn’t have won big, they’d have gotten a 99c deck of cards and a discount t-shirt.

The Get Booked folks invited me back for an actual reading signing and I’ll have to take them up on that.