LAYING GHOSTS has been Joyfully Reviewed

Laying Ghosts is a many-layered story. There’s a mystery to be solved, as well as a lot of family drama and relationship changes and growth for Joe and Kabe. Joe is a wonderful first-person narrator. He comes across as a bit of a redneck and sometimes a bit too stuck on the rules, but inside he’s much more. He’s a sharp investigator, a loyal lover, son, and brother, and much more emotional than his tough exterior would reveal.

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Dueling Reviews for Laying Ghosts at Reviews by Jessewave

Two reviews at Jessewaves’ for Laying Ghosts…both 4.75

First from Wave:

Laying Ghosts revealed a lot about Kabe’s character and I really got to know him through the evolution of his relationship with Joe. Seeing him blossom into the man he was meant to be was wonderful as well as surprising as he showed the greatest character growth. His interactions with Joe’s family, especially his mother, were delightful as he held his own and gave back as good as he got. His new temporary job fighting fires allowed him one more outlet for his penchant for danger, excitement and thrills and he seemed to glow from within as his life came almost full circle to that of a man fulfilled

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and then from Feliz

To sum it up, I can only warmly recommend this newest addition to the Deputy Joe series, as well as the series as a whole. A winsome narrator, a wonderful romance (not to forget the seriously hot explicit scenes!), a vivid and scenic setting, realistic conflict, well-wrought secondary characters, and on top of all this, a suspenseful mystery in every book make this series a must-read.

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SPIN OUT reviewed at Joyfully Reviewed

I’d say Cassie liked it:


Spin Out is another engaging look into the life of Deputy Joe. He’s a fascinating narrator for many reasons. For one, he’s an unapologetic small-town guy. He’s intelligent and good at his job, but he speaks in a way that’s very much indicative of where he comes from.[…] He’s a former LDS, whose excommunication has left its mark on him but has not shaken his core beliefs. Add in his laconic, determined to protect others at all costs attitude and you get a character that’s very different from most other romance heroes.

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Dear Author Review of All or Nothing

“What I adore about your writing is the emotional honesty of your characters. You let them be REAL. You let them experience all the shit that something like this would bring up: hate and anger and despair. They’re not brave, they’re not stoic, they’re not strong and understanding. They’re furious and despairing and guilty, oh so guilty. Brandon, not the most stable of people to begin with (as a cop says later, he’s a bottler), just implodes with guilt and fear and hate and inactivity.[…]

My issues with the mystery would normally knock this grade down to a B at least, but the emotional honesty and intensity of this book is too good for anything other than a B+. That’s the power of this series as a whole, but of this book specifically. Thank you for that honesty.”

Reviewed by Sarah Frantz

New reviews for Cheating Chance and The Good Thief

Vero Caravetta of Mysterical­-E reviewed both Cheating Chance and The Good Thief!

Cheating Chance: Murder, drugs, money laundering – it’s all in this book. There’s a lot of everything is thins book – cops, sex, and mystery. You’ll get entangled in this story as surely as the characters get entangled in the sheets. Don’t miss out.

The Good Thief: When Caesar, during one of his break-ins, finds child pornography, he can’t ignore it and reaches out to Nate for help. The plot takes off from there and manages to take the reader on a sexy thrill ride. There’s plenty of sex and mystery in Buchanan’s book, as well as some interesting characters and a lot of fun


Two Reviews for Hard Fall

Duling reviews for Hard Fall from Reviews by Jessewave

“As always, reviews are a matter of personal opinion. We all look for something different when we read a book and this is a gem of a story about love and redemption wrapped around hate and prejudice, a fun romance with some of the hottest and most carnal sex, loyalty to a fault, emotions that will blow you away, an introduction to the world of rock climbing, and the most amazing sex while suspended hundreds of feet above the ground. Some readers may be turned off by the religious aspects of this story but all I can say is that this excellent book is worth getting over your feelings about organized religion.”

“Humorous, kinky, and just plain fun…Hard Fall is a thoroughly enjoyable read. Having grown up in Utah, I had a blast romping through my childhood playground.”

BookWenches review of Hard Fall

4 stars from Bookwenches:

The narration in this novel flows smoothly and easily, making reading it a pleasurable experience. Add to that a distinct and well-developed cast of characters, scenery that will knock your socks off (enter Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park into Google and prepare to be stunned), and a story that will make you think about love and religion and tolerance, and you have a novel that is very enjoyable and well worth the read